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Meet Nick:

Bema Brothers Moving was founded by Nicholas Eoanou. Born and raised in Easton CT, Nick attended Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. He has a genuine love for travel, including road trips and cross-country moves. Bema Brothers is a professional moving service with 14 years of industry experience, offering highly reliable and efficient movers. We know how to super-pack and transport your possessions. Our highly-qualified team will ensure your valuables make it to their destination just as you left them, treating them as if they were their own.

Residential Moving

You can count on us to complete your move safely, stress-free.

Residential moving.
We treat your belongings as though they were our own!
Whether it be art, family heirlooms, antiquities or fine wines
You’ll be in good hands with our strong, energetic and well-trained crew.

Residential movers in Weston, CT

Commercial Moving

Let us assist you during this exciting transition

Commercial Moving

Long Distance Moving

Long distance moving made easier.

You can count on us for some peace of mind during this very stressful time. Leaving out-of-state is a lot to deal with.

We provide your delivery date in writing, so you know your items will not be in limbo while you wait at the mercy of your moving company.

Long distance moving in Weston, CT

Material Packing

Don’t stress about packing. We’ve got you covered.

We will provide dollies, blankets, shrink-wrap, to expedite  
We have a selection of packaging from bubble-wrap to boxing to crating items, to safely transport your things

Packing services in Weston, CT

Local moving services in Weston, CT

Bema Brothers Moving is one of the leading movers in Weston, CT. We specialize in commercial and residential moving. Whether you’re moving into a new home or a new office, contact Bema Brothers Moving today to speak with a local mover in Weston, CT about your move.

Our moving service equipment in Weston, CT

We complete both commercial and residential moves using various trucks of different sizes to make your move easy. We’ll bring all the moving supplies and pack all your belongings. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

No matter the number of items you own or distance of your move, we’re the team for the job. Whether you are moving locally or need a trusted long distance mover, call Bema Brothers Moving today at 203-247-1699 to schedule your move.

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